The Garden is open daily from dawn to dusk with no admission charge. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to read, the start of a family adventure or some brisk exercise on our walking trail and paths — the Garden has it. Come by today and be inspired.

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Adams Farmhouse

Adams Family Farmhouse 100x100 Visit

Built in 1898 by George Adams, whose family moved to the valley area before the Civil War, the Adams Farmhouse is a historic building outfitted with modern conveniences, a wraparound porch and floral decorations. It also serves as headquarters for our staff.

Gin House

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Named for the cotton gin it housed, the Gin House was historically a place for cleaning, seeding and baling the cotton produced on the Adams Farm. With its rugged, practical structure still preserved, the interior is being renovated to serve as classroom space for our community learners.

Pollinator garden

Black and Yellow Butterfly 100x100 Visit

From zinnias and petunias to milkweed and honeysuckle, these are the plants that attract bees and butterflies as well as caterpillars. The shape, color and nectar of the different flowers are what make this pollinator garden successful.

Camellia Garden

Camellia 100x100 Visit

Coming soon! This garden, freshly planted with one of the South’s most popular ornamentals, will be open for visitation early in the new year.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden 100x100 Visit

Featuring herbs used for dye, medicine or culinary purposes, the herb garden has a range of fragrant plants. Among them are basil, rosemary, oregano, dill, fennel, cilantro, lemon verbena, mint and parsley.

Joann Holt Walking Trail

John Holt Walking Trail 100x100 Visit

Come and enjoy the outdoor beauty of the the Joann Holt Walking Trail. Opened to the public in 2008, this one-mile trail meanders through an upland hardwood forest down to a wetland, giving visitors a glimpse of the different native plant species occupying these ecosystems. The trail is an easy to moderate walk and is open during daylight hours.

Family Activity Sheets are also available at each trail entrance and at the short loop. These sheets provide groups and families with interactive games along the trail. Whether you are searching for shapes or animal habitats and nests, these sheets are fun for all ages. Once you have completed your search, please place sheets and markers in the box as you exit.

Moss Garden

Moss Garden 100x100 Visit

When you think “garden,” moss doesn’t always come to mind, but you’ll find a mixture of shades and textures here sure to inspire. A popular site for our student groups, the moss garden is located off the Joann Holt Walking Trail.

Seasonal Garden Display

Barn Garden 100x100 Visit

The seasonal garden display will show you the best flowering annuals and perennials for any time of year. Enjoy the beauty of native plant species and learn what plants to grow in your own garden.